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The HEART AF podcast brings inspiration, awareness, support, and is creating a community for all of us with desires to break free from our conditioned cages. This podcast provides insights, tools, and inspiring stories for women along their own unique path of spiritual discovery, and self healing. Addressing the internal conflicts and struggles within because we don’t quite feel like we fit into the ‘cages’ we have been conditioned to be in. Living Heart AF is about living life as our most authentic selves, learning to love all the pieces of ourselves, owning all the ways we have been broken through life’s painful moments and recognizing we are still whole. It is time to stop dimming our lights and start to love ourselves again, remember who we are, what we are capable of, to reignite our hearts and rise again after the pain and traumas we go through in life, to realize our worth, our power, live in our natural state of joy and turn our inner lights back on and shine bright, because the world needs your light!

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7 days ago

I get personal in this episode, sharing some of my own moments of self-discovery that have led me through the transformative power of letting our ego thoughts burn down.
We tend to identify and value ourselves based on our relationships, our jobs, or our assets. But the truth is all these things can be lost or taken away from us.
And when any of these things happen it can be quite the gut punch and leave us wondering who we really are without these pieces of ourselves. This is our ego at work.
When these painful and humbling moments occur in our lives it is a wake up call to help us break away from the Ego so we transform our lives.
Two of our investment properties in Maui were consumed by the recent unforgiving fires. But this tragedy also became a profound turning point, reminding me that our true value is not tied to our assets.
Through heartfelt reflection, I share how the flames that devoured those properties also ignited a powerful realization – that material possessions can vanish in an instant, but our inner worth endures. Strength and wisdom are some of the positive effects that are beginning to emerge from the ashes.
The experience of losing everything can lead to a newfound appreciation for what truly matters and how you, too, can embark on a path of self-renewal.
Listen to this week's Heart AF episode, "From Ashes to Enlightenment: Lessons from the Maui Fires," and learn how to let go of the ego, redefine your sense of value, and rebuild your life with a renewed sense of purpose and compassion.
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Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Heart AF Podcast Episode 34- Let Them.
In this episode, I discuss the profound practice of letting go of judgment, and instead, choosing to rise above negativity when faced with the words and actions of others. We live in a world filled with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, it's all too easy to fall into the trap of judgment.
We often form opinions about others based on their actions, words, or even appearances, which can lead to negativity and a sense of moral superiority.
But what if we took a different path? What if we learned to let go of our judgment and allow others to be themselves, recognizing that their actions and words are often a reflection of their own experiences and struggles? That we can change our perspective and realize, not everything is as it seems.
We may not always have it right.
In this episode, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth as we explore the powerful concept, "Let Them."
Recognizing the impact of judgment on our mental and emotional well-being. I'll discuss some mindfulness techniques to become aware of judgmental thoughts and how we can reframe negative judgments into opportunities for growth and understanding.
#LetThem #EmpathyMatters #PodcastEpisode #LetGoOfJudgment #EmbraceEmpathy #selfgrowth #heartaf

Thursday Aug 03, 2023

Have you ever felt that you could be addicted to pain or drama in your life?
Sometimes we get so used to dealing with painful moments in life we tend to get stuck in these negative loops of painful experiences. Our egos can become drawn to the negative feelings we feel, to those lower vibrational feelings of being a victim. There is a community with shared traumas and life experiences that we can bond over.
Misery loves company and can reinforce these negative loop patterns in our lives.
But we can rise above this.
This week's Heart AF episode is all about how we can break these negative cycles our egos want to hold onto. And how we can rise above to create more joy and peace in our lives.
Let me know what you think and if any of this week's episode resonates with you
#selfgrowth #selflove #lawofattraction #healing #selfhealing #higherpower
You can find the book I mention in this episode here
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Friday Jul 07, 2023

32. In this episode I talk about how going through life looking through the lens of fear heightens our insecurities and negatively affects our lives by increasing our personal suffering.
BUT, we do have the power and ability to change our perspective, and in this episode I share some tips on how to get back to looking at life through the lens of love. When we go through those hard painful moments it can be very difficult to pull ourselves up and out. But there is hope! It's not always easy, but it can be done. You are not alone, and YOU CAN DO IT.
Mentioned in this episode is my best friend  @steflaytonyoga  who has a great tool to help you scrub out those insecurities with her monthly newsletter that has new affirmations each month that you can print and use, you can sign up to get monthly affirmations in your inbox here: Monthly Affirmations
I also mention this life changing book that you can should definitely check out here: A Return to Love It's one book I return to over and over again when I am going through a really hard time in my life, and highly recommend it!
Find me on Facebook or Instagram and Let me know what you think about this episode!
xo, Chelsea
#selfgrowth #selflove #hardtimes #life

Thursday Jun 15, 2023

It happens to all of us, times in our life when a fierce storm comes out of nowhere and knocks us off our feet. 
We can get swept away, struggling to keep our head above water to breathe. 
It happened to me recently. And it was ROUGH. For awhile.
These storms, as painful as they can be, do serve a purpose though.
Let's talk about it in this comeback episode on the Heart AF Podcast. 
I give you some brief insights and ah-ha's from my recent traumatic storm. And I plan to keep sharing as I navigate all of the rebuilding I am doing from the damage and destruction the storm left in its wake. 
I provide some awesome questions to ask yourself for your own self reflection taken from a fabulous career coach who spoke at a retreat I went to a few weeks back. You can find her here: Career Benders
Come say Hi to me on Facebook or Instagram 
Sending you all Love! ❤️

Friday Mar 31, 2023

Attitude is literally everything. Our attitude creates our experience and our thoughts create our reality.
In this week’s Heart AF episode I dive into the importance of our energetic frequencies and what it means to be high vibe. And why it's important we want to work at raising our frequencies to be more ‘high vibe.’
This month me and my friend Stef Layton have put together an April Challenge we are calling #AprilActivation encouraging you all to have fun and move your body at least once each day this April. As moving our bodies is one great way to activate higher frequencies and raise our vibes!
See some examples of how we are having fun with this challenge! Fun Adult Activities!
Join us in our #AprilActivation Challenge Starting April 1st!!
Step One- Move Your Body in a way that brings you joy. 🎉
Step Two- Snap a pic or quick video🤳🏼
Step Three- Follow @steflaytonyoga and @chelsea.vanbuskirk and tag BOTH of us in your post with #AprilActivation for an entry to win a Self Care Spa Gift basket*
Let’s have fun getting active this April 🎉
*USA shipping only, winner announced on May 5th!
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I would love for you to Join our Heart AF community on Facebook here :)
Final message for you this week is, changing your thoughts can truly change your life. I am with you ! 💋
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#healthychoices #healthymom #activemom #fitfamily #momlife #strongmom #raiseyourvibes
#choosejoy #inspo #positivemindset #successmindset #inspiration #selflove #spiritualgrowth #positivevibes #selfcare #goals #mindset #podcast #heartaf

Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

This week's Spring inspired episode is all about planting seeds of intention in order to watch yourself bloom into this new season. 
This season is a time for renewal, to feel re-energized for what's possible for you.
The increased warmth and sunshine provides the energy and hope to believe in ourselves in what's possible. 
Believe in you, and affirm your mind with this Spring Mindset Affirmations PDF that you can download for yourself here. 
Watch Stef's Spring Inspired Yin Yoga stretches for hamstring, glutes, and groin here.
Find Stef Layton Yoga on instagram and YouTube 
Let me know if you got your affirmations and which was you use them.
Send me a DM on Facebook or Instagram
#springintentions #manifestation #lawofattraction #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #mindset #intention #thepowerofintention #knowyourworth #vibehigh #raiseyourvibe #selfworth #youarestrong #youaredivine #youareworthy #affirm #healingoldwounds  #healingjourney  #heartaf #theheartafpodcast #podcast 

Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

I am still shocked at the unbelievable power our minds have in and over our lives. 
Our minds can seriously change our reality and how we experience our external world. 
I share with you some recent experiences in my own life where I literally changed my external experiences by changing my mindset.
It changed the progress I was making in my weight loss journey, and it changed an important relationship in my life.
This stuff is MAGIC y'all.
Things to ask yourself from this episode- How are you seeing things? What are you telling yourself that might be keeping you stuck?
Tell me what you thought of this episode and send me a DM on Facebook or Instagram
If you want to learn more about the coach I am using you can find her on Instagram here. She is amazing and has lots of good fitness tips, motivation, and inspiration! 
💋 ✨ Chelsea
#lawofattraction #stepintoyourpower #selftalk #selflove #spiritualgrowth #manifestation #ownyourpower #youaremagic #selfhealing #heartaf #yourpower #mindset #powerofmind 

Friday Feb 24, 2023

Such a special heart filled episode with guest Erica Marie! ❤️ Erica Marie is an Uplifter, Speaker, and Success Coach. Her expertise in business & life success coaching, along with her passion for mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, has helped countless individuals achieve a more fulfilling, balanced, purposeful, and mindful life. You can find  this special lady on instagram here.
In this episode Erica Marie shares a bit of her story and we discuss our shared philosophy on the power of LOVE and really dive into what LOVE really means. How the word and meaning has been altered and diluted and has lost some of it's true feeling with it's misuse and misunderstanding of what it means to truly love. Especially when it comes to loving oneself.
Erica Marie is on a mission like me to help light up the world. She has a very special intuitive perspective and has a passion for speaking up and reaching out to all those who need to realize just how loved we truly are, to come to know what real love is, the unconditional love that is accessible and available from our source. And how all of us are fully deserving of that love no matter where we are at in our lives. 
Even when we mess up, or let our ego take over that love is what brings us back to forgiveness and how we can move on and continue to rise up and live in an abundant and joyous life. 
Let me know what you think of our talk here, because we have many topics we would love to do more episodes on. 
Shoot me a DM on Facebook or Instagram or find me on the website at
Tell me if you could feel the loving energy from listening to this episode, like I did when recording it! ❤️
#youareenough #allisone #onelove #divinelight #namaste #selflove #loveisallyouneed #godislove #allyouneedislove #selfgrowth
#noapologies #knowyourworth #vibehigh #riseabove #raiseyourvibe #selfworth #youarestrong #youaredivine #youareworthy #affirm #rememberwhoyouare #rememberwhothefuckyouare #healingoldwounds #healingjourney #heartaf #theheartafpodcast #podcast #youarenotalone #youareloved #youareworthit #standtall #ownit 

Wednesday Feb 15, 2023

We all experience moments of insecurity, feeling small, or not quite as good, maybe feeling we don't belong, or aren't good enough.
This week's episode is about some recent experiences of mine where I have felt this way. 
And what I recently learned that has shifted my perspective, and I hope it helps shift yours too. 
I spoke about a beautiful image I had recently seen online, and I found it. It was actually a photograph of a sculpture that had been displayed at the Burning Man Festival in 2015 , This sculpture, created by Alexander Milov for Titled “Love,” is a moving piece of art that really illustrates the inner child within us all. Have a look here
It's beautiful. 
With all the competition and self doubt there in the world, I want you take a moment and realize your brilliance, accept and love yourself for who you are, and see that divine light within you, and how it is also in everyone else. 
There is no competition here, not really. We are all ONE.
DM me on Facebook or Instagram and let me know what you got or could relate to in this week's episode.
#youareenough #allisone #onelove #divinelight #namaste
#noapologies #knowyourworth #vibehigh #riseabove #raiseyourvibe #selfworth #youarestrong #youaredivine #youareworthy #affirm #rememberwhoyouare #rememberwhothefuckyouare #healingoldwounds #healingjourney #heartaf #theheartafpodcast #podcast #youarenotalone #youareloved #youareworthit #standtall #ownit 


Live #HeartAF

I am an advocate for finding our inner strength.

We can view life as something that happens to us, choosing to be a victim, or find the inner strength through the power and love from our Source that is within us all, to heal our wounds and become the co-creators of our lives that we were always meant to be. 

Instead of hardening our hearts and becoming bitter from our pain, we can find our purpose by healing and opening our hearts to the love, abundance, and opportunity that is available to us all.

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